Did you know that tick-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease may be prevented with tick controls? At SOS, we offer tick control treatments to protect your lawn and to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We recommend our full program for adequate suppression of ticks. Ticks and fleas go through stages in their life cycles, which is why a treatment program works best to help disrupt their cycle and effectively reduce the population of these insects around your home. For best results, we treat lawns during the following seasons:

  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring
  • Summer
  • Early Fall

At SOS we stand behind the quality of our services and our customers can expect the very best possible service from a company that treats you like family.


SOS Flea and Tick Treatment Plan

  • We offer a two treatment plan from $74.95/Visit (Spring and Summer)
  • We offer a four treatment plan from $64.95/Visit (Full Year Protection – Spring, Summer (x2), Fall)

Prepay to save an additional 10%