Seasonal Outside Services is excited that you have given us the opportunity to service your property.

As a professional service company, we understand that optimal results are best achieved in partnership with our customers. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service(s), using only the best and safest products available in the industry.

Although we are confident in how quickly you will see results, some services require the completion of an entire program before the full benefits can be realized.  For example, services like our mosquito protection or our perimeter pest control programs will deliver the desired result almost immediately while other programs like our weed control or over-seeding programs require multiple applications and will take longer.  That said, we guarantee the highest quality results will be achieved provided our customers follow the recommended lawn watering and cutting instructions following our service(s).

Please read below to learn and understand the important terms and conditions of our service contract.

For your convenience, we continue from season to season offering you the same service as the prior year. This means all your services including individually added treatments; do continue from season to season. The reason for this is to ensure that you maintain the high-quality services without interruption. We note the continuation of your services from year to year on each invoice and you may cancel all services hassle free.  Simply call 1-833-767-4968 to add, change or cancel services.

If you cancel your service, you will be required to pay for any services completed with a balance owing as well as the regular price or discounted price of any program special you received.

While we do not offer refunds, we will retreat any service free of charge that you are not completely happy with to ensure that the highest quality of result is achieved.

To ensure our customers get the thick, lush, green lawn they deserve, we use only the highest quality fertilizers that are made-to-order. This allows us to choose blends that are most effective based on the current weather and environmental conditions.  We will ensure that each application is applied evenly to your lawn to give your grass a beautiful, healthy, deep green appearance.  We time our applications throughout the year to allow consistent feeding in the root system from early spring until late fall.