Are you looking to remove mosquito populations from your property? Look no further. Seasonal Outside Services provides the best quality of mosquito control services to Ontario and the surrounding area. Mosquitoes are more than an annoyance. Absolutely no one enjoys the itch and sting of a mosquito bite, but the bite could be the least of your worries when compared to contracting West Nile Virus. West Nile Virus can be life-threatening to children and typically causes adults serious illness. To ensure that you and your family are safe, it is important to begin using our service early in the spring and continue use throughout the end of fall. You and your children will all be safe to spend hours outside enjoying those warm summer evenings.

The process for eradicating mosquito populations from your home is as follows:

  • We apply targeted applications to areas where mosquitoes live or are likely to live as well as areas where they may seek out their next meal.
  • We create a barrier that will eliminate all existing mosquitoes and it will leave a residue to control any mosquitoes that come into the area.
  • We apply this treatment every 4 weeks throughout the season to ensure optimal results.

We’ll be sure to reach out with at least 24 hours notice to let you know when we will visit your home to perform the next application. Submit a request today to book an appointment and get one step closer to being mosquito-bite-free. All products used are safe for your family and pets and are approved by Health Canada.

Mosquito Treatment Plans

SOS Single Treatment Application – MOSQUITO FREE FOR 3 Weeks (SINGLE APPLICATION)

Our single application service will eliminate all existing mosquitoes and create a barrier to protect you and your family for a minimum of 3 weeks.

This service is recommended for anyone hosting guests, throwing outdoor gatherings, or simply hoping to enjoy a few weeks off from those pesky biters.

Fully guaranteed treatment for 21 days!



Protect your loved one’s and enjoy your yard all season long without the hassle or worry of mosquitoes.

You will receive 5 treatments scheduled 21-25 days apart (April through September/October).

Season long protection is perfect for families who want to help protect themselves, family and friends all year long while still enjoying picnics, BBQ’s, outdoor games and gatherings all year round.

Fully guaranteed for the entire season, no hassle retreats completely free!

Prepay and receive a free Perimeter pest control application ($79.95 Value)

We offer a natural barrier protection that effectively reduces the mosquito population but is not guaranteed to provide optimal results.